Phoenix Comic Con 2016

Phoenix, Arizona during the summer is the hottest place I’ve ever been. Temperatures were regularly 110* and peaked at 120* F while I was there. Everyone had dark tinted windows on their cars, a feature I’m strongly considering for the next road trip. Despite the heat, I had a great time at Phoenix Comic con.

Coming from the slow moving suburbs of California it seemed like Phoenix is a city of impatience by contrast. The highways of Phoenix appeared to reflect the people, which all have higher speed limits than their California counterparts. It’s fun to drive a bit faster than normal. Maybe the temperament comes from the weather in that no one wants to wait around when it’s over 110* outside.

There were many great panels at Phoenix comic con. A few of my favorite were the Kpop one and the Fakku one. I got the opportunity to chat with Jacob Grady, the founder of Fakku, later during the convention at his booth. Lots of fun hanging out with those guys. They make skateboards now, which feature appropriately sexy designs well suited for decoration or skating (I want one).

I managed to get some pictures of the convention while I was there with my 50mm but it was a sub optimal choice for the incredibly crowded convention floor. With an aps-c sensor it ends up being too much zoom for impromptu photos of cosplayers as there is rarely enough elbow room in the crowds for proper framing. All the photos featured are straight from the camera with no post production (Canon Rebel T5i).


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