YouTube Channels You Should be Watching

March 2016,

It’s still early in the year and with the release of the new season of Game of Thrones inching closer just beyond the horizon (Season 6 starts April 26th, 2016) you may have wondered; what am I supposed to watch until then? Whether you’re waiting impatiently or already over the struggle for Westeros, there are new and exciting things to watch all over the internet. According to YouTube’s statistics page the website has over a billion users and that every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours [of video] on YouTube on a variety of compatible media platforms. Here are a couple YouTube channels worth browsing next time you find yourself in front of a screen:

1. Demolition Ranch (and the secondary channel, Vet Ranch)

Those seeking to curb their appetite for destruction may enjoy the Demolition Ranch YouTube channel with Matt. He’s a guy who likes guns and backyard science experiments related to guns. Whether it’s seeing how many ceramic plates a .50 cal can shoot through in a single shot or coming up with creative new loads for shotguns, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on over there. As a bonus Matt has a second channel, Vet Ranch, where he shows you some of his work as a veterinarian helping cute animals get healthy.

2. The Motor Trend channel

From their internet exclusive show Roadkill, to Hot Rod Garage, and The Racing Lineif you like cars this is the YouTube channel for you. These guys are great at releasing videos regularly with excellent production quality, and they’re easily one of the best automobile related channels producing content right now.

3. GoPro

Who would have imagined an action camera company so successfully becoming a lifestyle icon. To put it simply the GoPro channel is where some of the best adventures that make it on to YouTube are. Extreme sports in exotic locations are what you can expect to see, as well as the occasional character piece about the people who live this lifestyle. Want to go skydiving but don’t want to risk death? GoPro has you covered. Wondered about what the inside of an active volcanic crater looks like up close? GoPro son. These guys changed the game with their high quality action cameras, and there’s a lot of evidence on their channel to back it up.

4. Yuuwii & Weiwen

A channel run by identical twins who do duel covers of songs from a wide range of genres. They are delightfully talented singers/musicians and their videos continue to grow more polished with every new release. Sometimes they’ll cover songs that get overplayed on the radio that I dislike, but often I find myself enjoying their cover so much that those overplayed songs grow on me. Subscribing to them now could net you considerable hipster points among your friends for being the ‘first’ to start listening to them, you know, before they got really popular.

5. MxR Mods

For what mods you should download and add to your video games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, MxR is the channel to watch. Watching his videos feels like hanging out with a good friend after awhile. Even if you don’t play the games he modifies and reviews, the humor makes his videos pretty accessible.



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