The Best Buddy Action Anime this Season


Heavy Object. It’s not exactly a great name for what is a thrilling mecha series that provides the most buddy humor since Rush Hour 2 (Ratner, 2001). The anime begins with two bored enlisted dudes shoveling snow off of a military runway in Alaska that find themselves suddenly engaged in a battle that they weren’t prepared for against a Heavy Object (read: giant robot covered in guns). You come for the robot mayhem and stay for the camaraderie that grows between the characters like a long running inside joke. Everyone is larger than life in this anime, from the mechas to the heroes, in a Hollywood action movie sense. It’s okay if Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t shown reloading very often in Commando (Lester, 1985) because reloading isn’t as fun to watch as him putting the hurt on the bad guys. Ultimately, the important part is whether or not the viewer has a good time viewing Heavy Object or not, and in this case — viewers are in for a good time.

The Good: Unusual mecha designs, Best friend high jinks, Ecchi elementsheavy object